STI-HO-DRU® (1000CC) en


Prevents acidification of your eggfood!
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Additional animal feed for ornamental birds

STI-HO-DRU® is a composition from pure natural products and consists essentially of;

  • Honey
  • Grape Sugar – Fruit Sugar
  • Vitamin B2 – B6 – C
  • Lime – Phosphorus – Iron – Potassium

STI-HO-DRU® is suitable for canaries, crooked beaks, tropics and racing pigeons
STI-HO-DRU® is ideal for making your egg food loose. It counteracts microbiological acidification and prevents dehydration of your egg food, so that your birds have fresh egg food at their disposal all day long. STI-HO-DRU® can also be dosed into the drinking water

Packaging: STI-HO-DRU® is available in 4 packages, namely; 250 cc -500 cc -1000 cc and 2500 cc.

STI-HO-DRU® has a shelf life at room temperature of 10 months.

Sti-Ho-Dru® is a registered trademark of De Imme.