Dried cell material from micro algae, contains proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, among other things. Suitable for humans and animals.

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The dried cell material from micro algae. Spirulina is a popular dietary supplement and can be consumed in pill or powder form.

Spirulina is known for its valuable ingredients. It contains proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, among other things.

Most will think; “many products contain these substances, why is spirulina different?”

The secret is not in the individual substances, but in the combination of different components. These components work as a whole.

An analysis shows that the essential amino acids are present to a considerable extent, namely:

Isoleucin 33g / kg, Leucin 49g / kg, Lysin 26g / kg, Methionin13g / kg, Phenylalanin 26g / kg, Threonin 28g / kg, Tryptophan 8g / kg, Valine 37g / kg.

In addition to human consumption, spirulina is also supplied to ornamental birds, among others.

Spirulina intensifies the natural color factor, so you get better colors and a better plumage from your birds

Add Spirulina daily to the feed.

People: daily distribute ½ – 1 teaspoon of spirulina over meals.
Birds: Divide 2-4 grams of spirulina daily into 400 grams of fruit or eggfood.

Resealable packaging of 150 grams – 400 grams or 750 grams.